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AtomicZ Graphics

Icons and Such

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  • atomiczgraphics@livejournal.com

This is the icon and other misc. graphics journal of smilingskull. In addition to icons, you'll find friends only banners, headers and desktop wallpapers from time to time. There's no friends only going on here (all posts will be open to all), but if you want to keep up with what I'm doing and making, I'm always open for friends. :) My art can be found at atomiczebra@deviantart and tk-sama@deviantart.

Regulations and rules, because everyone's gotta have them. Fairly standard deal. No hotlinking of any kind, please and thank you. I really love comments, but they're certainly not required. Credit is also really awesome, and that sort of is required. Also, if you see a textless icon that you want to use as a base, ask me first. No icon with any sort of text or heavy editing will ever be considered a base. Also, just be awesome with everyone, it's the way to go.

Most of the pictures/photos I use either come from my own scanning or various highres image places both around the web and on LJ. In a few cases, my own photography gets used (atomiczebra@deviantart). Most textures are from the likes of refuted, tove_91, ownthesunshine and kiho_chan. Fonts are from various free font websites, and the layout I use for this journal is by the ever amazing minty_peach.

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